For Parents...

Daddy Caddy on the Bag

Written for parents, “Daddy Caddy on the Bag” provides solutions to make golf with your child less stressful and to help you bring out the best in your child through golf. “Daddy Caddy on the Bag” gives advice on everything from starting your toddler in golf to coaching your older child to peak golf performance. Along the way, you will learn how to:

  • • Become an expert caddy for your child
  • • Understand basic golf rules for caddies
  • • Manage the mental game
  • • Coach for serious player development
  • • Make practice fun
  • • Motivate to peak performance with the “golf
    performance pyramid”

These and other topics are covered from the perspective of working cooperatively with your child as a coach and teammate, with the goal of developing your child into a golfer for life.

More than a golf instruction book, “Daddy Caddy on the Bag” is about the relationship between parents and children in the context of coaching and development. In addition to golf instruction, the book offers suggestions for managing and nurturing that relationship, and developing each child’s golf game to reach its potential.

For Kids...

Daddy Caddy Off the Bag

Written for kids age 7-14, “Daddy Caddy Off the Bag” is a fun story about five golf friends who are preparing for a big junior tournament. There is only a week to get ready, and they have a lot of work to do!

Ben struggles with putting. Sam needs clubs that fit. Nicole needs to play smarter. Isabella wants to sharpen her short game. And Bobby needs to tame his hook… and his temper! Lucky for them, Coach Mike, the PGA Head Professional and their mentor, is there to help.

Join them as they learn about goal-setting, the value of practice, etiquette, respect, how to handle mistakes, teamwork, strategic thinking, perseverance, and tournament preparation.

With Coach Mike’s assistance, the kids have to figure all of this out for themselves as they learn to become independent, responsible, respectful golfers. No parents or other adults are prominent in the story. “Daddy Caddy Off the Bag” also features ten great practice games that kids (and adults) can play to help sharpen their golf skills.

For Pros (and everyone else!)...

The ParKit Encyclopedia of Fun Golf Games

No more boring practice drills! Whether you are a PGA golf professional, a golf coach, a parent, a serious player, or a beginner, the ParKit Golf Encyclopedia of Fun Golf Games is your source for educational, skill-based golf practice games that are fun to play either alone or with others.

Designed to address all scoring areas, these games cover putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers, approach shots, and full shots. In addition, many of the games are perfect for indoor settings or in non-golf course locations such as school fields.

No matter your situation, the ParKit Golf Encyclopedia of Fun Golf Games is guaranteed to help you improve your golf skills through challenging and fun practice games.